Broadcasting Your Brand: Why Video Is Your Best Friend

What do M&M’s and KFC have in common? Regardless of your country of origin, your education level or economic status, you all recognise the M&M’s spokescandies when you see them and your mind is trained to recognise Colonel Sanders on the KFC logo. That’s the power of branding.

Branding is often viewed as a luxury that only “the big dogs” in the industry can afford. This idea has become so deeply ingrained in our minds that businesses choose to focus their efforts elsewhere when designing their marketing strategy – if you’re asking me, very mistakenly so.

Sure, the chicken and the egg dilemma will always be there, and it’s difficult to determine whether it’s the branding that made the business popular or vice versa. But the abundance of choice we’re experiencing today may lead to confusion, which essentially translates into lower conversion rates. There are simply too many options for your business to afford to remain in the shadows.

It’s important for businesses to understand a brand is way more than simply your logo, the colours you choose, or how your website looks. Surely you’ve done your homework, your business brings something new to the table and your attractive offers might gain you a competitive edge. But that’s how all businesses think. Remember – it’s the brand people are buying from you.

And here another important aspect comes into play: how to choose the right medium for your brand. The key is to determine what the trigger for your audience is. PlayAttack Affiliates is putting its bucks into video. Here’s why:

1. We live in a “video-first” world

According to a study published by Cisco, over 80% of all traffic will consist of video by 2021. While this might seem a bit ambitious, it certainly highlights the importance of video as a medium of communication between businesses and their audience.

This shift towards video content is dictated both by the demand of the customers, who find videos easier to digest, and by the prevalence of social media that encourages easy-to-share video content. According to a study published by Hubspot, 97% of marketers claim “videos help customers understand products.”

2. Videos give your brand a distinct voice

Think about the amount of information you can fit into a single video frame. It’s incredible. You get to transmit your brand colours, brand persona, tone of voice, and sell your product at the very same time. This is very difficult to achieve in writing or static images. Using a video to promote your brand is like an all-inclusive package – and everyone loves these!

3. “One good video can lead to a massive social following”

I borrowed this quote from Mike Henry and he's right. We’ve all seen a video that's gone viral. I attribute this to the “stickiness factor”. This term was coined by Tipping Point author Malcolm Gladwell and refers to the phenomenon of how something “sticks” in the minds of the public and influences behaviour. It’s up to you to produce videos that “stick” but video is your best friend when it comes to getting your message across.

4. SEO Loves Video and Businesses Love SEO

I bet you can identify the logical chain here.⁣

Similarly to a written piece, you still must be smart about the usage of relevant keywords, and script good titles and meta-descriptions to please search engines. But whether you’re creating a how-to piece on your product, sharing interesting tips, or wrapping up the latest developments in the industry, video is a great medium. Having videos on your website might also increase the time your visitors spend on your platform. So when you’re designing your SEO strategy, think about your video content too.

Final thoughts

You can certainly attract attention by focusing on paid advertising, but you’ll have to ask yourself: does my brand stand out, and is my product “sticky” enough to influence behaviour? If your answer is no, you might need to rethink your brand strategy.

*This article was first published at Trafficology.