General Questions

What is an affiliate program and how does it work?

An affiliate program sets the basis for a business collaboration between three parties: the affiliate (advertiser), the affiliate program and the operator/brand which is being advertised. The main goal of the advertiser is to target the desirable audience and redirect them to the websites where they will have to perform a certain activity which might be signing up and performing certain transactions. For the purpose of attracting customers to the platform in question, the affiliate uses unique links, promo-texts, landing pages and other promotional material.

What are the commission types offered at PlayAttack?

Revenue Share: the Revenue sharing commission model refers to a payment plan where the affiliate partner receives a certain percentage for the activities performed by his referrals (i.e. depositing funds to their account). With this commission type, your earnings ultimately depend on how active your qualified leads are.

CPA: CPA stands for cost per acquisition, and refers to a fixed amount that you earn as an affiliate whenever your lead signs up with the brand that is being advertised.

Hybrid: The hybrid commission type is a combination of the RevShare and the CPA types. Therefore, as an affiliate, you will receive a fixed amount and a percentage agreed upon with the affiliate platform as part of your hybrid payment plan.

Read more on the commission types here.

What are the advantages of the PlayAttack affiliate program as compared to other affiliate programs in the industry?

At PlayAttack we offer the best terms and conditions and the highest revenue share percentage rates. Just imagine – with PlayAttack you can earn up to 40% commission for your qualified leads. Our dedicated team is always available to help you and you can contact us using a platform of your choice, be it Skype, e-mail or the ticket system available on our website. We offer a wide selection of promotional materials for our affiliates to choose from in order to achieve high conversions rates.

How legal is a collaboration with you since gambling games are banned in many countries?

All our partner casinos are registered, licensed and operate only in the countries where gambling is allowed and legal.

How much money will I make?

We cannot give you a definite answer to this question. Many of our affiliates make the best out of this collaboration and earn tens of thousands of dollars per month. From our end, we offer generous commission plans to keep our partners happy. It’s up to you to step up your game!

Is it possible to create individual T&C’s?

At PlayAttack we strive to keep all the parties happy. Feel free to contact your Affiliate Manager should you have any specific suggestions or requirements. We’ll review them and get back to you asap!

What's the regular conversion?

There are no rules when it comes to conversions. The indicators are individual and heavily depend on various factors such as time and effort put into promoting the brands, the quality of traffic, the quality of the leads redirected to the casino operators etc. Experience shows that it’s more likely to achieve high conversion rates with targeted traffic, both when it comes to the theme and to the audience.

I don't have my own website. Can I still work with you?

You can work with us even if you don’t have your own website from which you can redirect customers to our casino brands. However, it is important to remember, that customers prefer to follow a trustworthy, reputable source. Therefore, it might prove more difficult and time-consuming for you to achieve solid conversion rates if you don’t have an authoritative website domain that can assist you in your efforts.

What is doorway traffic? Do you accept traffic from doorways?

The term doorway traffic refers to a web page created and optimized for one or more search keys. Oftentimes, it offers minimum information on the product which is being advertised, urging the user to learn more by visiting the website which is being promoted.

PlayAttack does accept doorway traffic. However, affiliates should understand that doorway traffic is not high-quality traffic and it usually comes with minimum profit.

What are the requirements for the website traffic?

There are no specific rules set for the Affiliates when it comes to advertising our brands. The main rule which must be adhered to is to ensure that the website traffic that our partner casinos receive is legal. You can view further details on the affiliate rights and obligations in the dedicated Terms & Conditions section.

Which game providers are your casino brands offering?

Our casino brands offer various casino titles from leading game providers including but not limited to: NetEnt, Booongo, Playson, Quickspin, Microgaming, YGGdrasil Gaming, Betsoft, Endorphina, REDrake, Play’n GO, Push Gaming, Booming, Amatic, Tom Horn, PragmaticPlay, Nextgen, Thunderkick, Side City, Elk, Bigtimegaming, 1X2gaming, Iron Dog Studio, Leap Gaming, Habanero, Oryx, Evolution Gaming.

Commissions Questions

How does the revenue share commission type work?

The PlayAttack Affiliate Program pays the Affiliate a percentage of the Total Net Gaming Revenue (TNGR) calculated daily based on agreement between the Affiliate and PlayAttack. 

How is the Affiliate’s Revenue Share profit calculated?

The profit of the affiliate is calculated based on the Total Net Gaming Revenue (TNGR). 

Here’s how the TNGR is calculated:

TNGR = Gross Gaming (your players bets minus winnings) minus the following:
  • any charge-backs/refunds initiated by the players;
  • any bonuses and promotions given to the players;
  • funds paid as any transactions fees, calculated as % of the total volume of Deposits and Withdrawals;
  • funds paid as any providers fees, calculated as % of Gross Gaming;
  • funds paid as any taxation fees, calculated as % of Gross Gaming;
  • funds paid as any licensing fees, calculated as % of Gross Gaming



One of our affiliates referred eleven (11) players to one of our casino brands. These players deposited a combined total of $4.000, withdrew $2.000, and received a combined amount of $500 in bonuses. The Gross Gaming is $2000 with no charge-backs/refunds/etc.
The TNGR will be calculated based on this formula:

GG – Bonuses – (In + Out) * Transactions% – GG * Providers fee% – GG * Taxation fees% – GG * Licensing fees%

For this specific example, let’s assume that the transaction fee is 5%, Providers fee is 15%, Taxation fee is 20% and Licensing fee is 5%.

TNGR = $2000 – $500 – ($4.000 + $2.000) * 5% – $2000 * 15% – $2000 * 20% – $2000 * 5% = $400

Based on the agreed Revenue Share deal, the Affiliate partners receive a 30% commission for the gaming activity of the players they’ve referred to our casino brand.

Therefore, the final profit generated by the affiliate amounts to $400 * 30% = $120

How is the Affiliate’s CPA profit calculated?

The CPA profit of the affiliate is calculated based on the approves of the New Players leads according to these conditions:

  • New Player does and has not had a player account with any Operator’s Website
  • Made at least 2 deposits
  • Met an obligatory baseline amount of $/€12 with the total sum of his deposits within 30 days after the first deposit
  • Confirmed his ID (SSN/CNP/Etc)
  • Is not gambling addicted
  • Did not block his account


How is the Affiliate’s Hybrid profit calculated?

Hybrid profit is a mix of Revenue Share and CPA profits, so it is calculated based on their respective rules.

Negative Revenue Share part never affects CPA part of the Affiliate’s profit. So in case you have, for example, -$213.65 Revenue Share profit and $400 CPA profit, your total profit for the month will be $400.

Procedural Questions

How does the affiliate sign-up process work?

Signing up at PlayAttack is easier than ever. Simply head over to our home page, click the “Join Now” button at the upper right corner of the screen and fill in the requested details.

I have an account – how do I get started?

Good news! You can now start earning! Choose your landing pages, grab your unique links, add them to your website, and start promoting our brands. To get access to our selection landing pages, head over to the “LPs & Banners” section in your personal area. 

Where do I get tracking links to put on my site?

You can find the unique tracking links we’ve created for you under “LP & Banners in your account. Select the brand/s you want to promote and copy the relevant links.

Can you create customized campaigns/ banners/ html-mailers?

Our promo package at PlayAttack Affiliates is quite extensive and will most likely cover all your needs. However, should you have an idea that you’d like to discuss with us, feel free to contact your Affiliate Manager. We’re always happy to chat and explore the possibility of materializing your ideas!

How will a customer be linked to my account?

Worry not — your leads always leave a footprint. When your leads visit our casino brands with your unique tracking link, they are automatically connected to your affiliate account.

Does it cost me anything to join?

Signing up at PlayAttack Affiliates is free of cost.

Can I lose money on this?

Absolutely not! You have nothing to lose but only to gain when partnering with us!

Where can I find the Terms and Conditions?

You can find our Terms & Conditions here.

Can I register a player account under my own affiliate link?

You cannot register yourself or people related to you under your own affiliate link. Such actions are deemed fraudulent by PlayAttack and may result in termination of collaboration, suspension of your affiliate account, and withholding of your commission. This is highlighted in the Terms and Conditions paragraph 4.4.

Can I use any additional link parameters?

Our system only recognizes one custom parameter – sub-account. Any other parameters will be ignored.

What am I not allowed to do as an Affiliate who works with PlayAttack?

Targeting countries where gambling is illegal or people under the legal age for gambling is prohibited by the PlayAttack Affiliate Program. As an Affiliate, you are not to generate traffic based on fraudulent activity, such as sending spam, registering as a player with your affiliate link, or publishing inaccurate information. Head to the relevant section (4.4.) on the Terms & Conditions to see the full list of activities that will be considered a breach in the agreement between PlayAttack and the affiliate.

Payment Questions

How often are the payments being made?

The affiliate payments at PlayAttack are processed and made once per month.

What kind of payment systems do you use?

Affiliates can access the information about the supported payment systems from their profile. Simply click on your username in the upper right corner and click on “My Profile”. Navigate yourself to the “Payments Settings” to access the list of supported payment methods. Should you want to explore the possibility of using another payment provider, you are encouraged to discuss this with your Affiliate Manager. Please note, the payment preferences can not be changed 5 days prior to the payment date.

What's the minimum amount required for the payment to be made?

The minimum amount that the Affiliates should earn to receive their payment is $10.

What is negative carry-over and how does it work?

The negative balance can occur for various reasons, including but not limited to your referred players making more withdrawals than deposits, or having a considerable casino win. But worry not! At PlayAttack, we do not carry over your negative balance onto the next month given that you manage to bring five (5) or more FTDs within a calendar month, as stated in our Terms & Conditions. You can access more info on the matter here.

Can I be paid via Bank Transfer?

For an Affiliate to be able to receive their payment via bank transfer, the minimum transfer amount should be $500.

Do I need to make an order for the payment every time?

For your convenience, all payments are processed automatically. As soon as you submit your payment details to PlayAttack, all payments will be made automatically. You can view your payment details under “Payments” in your profile.

I can’t change my payment details. What happened?

To ensure your financial security, all the changes in payment details made five days prior to the payment date will be blocked. You will be able to add new payment details but won’t be able to edit the payment information for your current payment. You can add/edit your payment details in your “Profile”.

What are the Terms and conditions for receiving the payment on time?

To receive your commission on time, make sure to provide and confirm your payment details five (5) days prior to the payment date. Moreover, for you to receive your payment, you need to collect the minimum payment amount ($10) and 1 FTD. Finally, make sure that the funds in your e-wallet are not exceeding the limit and that you’ve been compliant with the Terms and Conditions as listed on our website. If you follow all the above steps, PlayAttack guarantees that your payment will be made on time.

How long will I continue to be paid per player?

PlayAttack Affiliates pays a lifetime Revenue Share commission to the Affiliates. We continuously work towards ensuring that the players that land to our casino brands enjoy their experience to provide you with a stable income.

How often is the statistics section updated?

We like to keep our affiliates up-to-date, so the affiliate statistics are updated every 30 minutes!

Account Questions

Where can I see my commission status?

Log into your PlayAttack account and head over to your “Profile” to check your commission status.

Can I see the number of customers I have referred to your brands?

Of course. We’re all about transparency. You can access the data and track your referrals to PlayAttack brand by logging into your account and heading over to the statistics page.

How do I track my earnings?

Log into your PlayAttack account and head over to the “Statistics” section to view your earnings.

I forgot my password. What do I do?

No problem! Simply head over to the “Sign in” section on our website and click on “Restore Password”. You will immediately receive an email with all the info you need to restore your password.

How are my new player referrals tracked?

Upon signing up with our Affiliate Program, our Affiliates receive unique tracking links to populate their website. Every time a customer lands on one of our casino brands using your referral link, he leaves a trace that helps us attribute the lead to your affiliate account.

What do the columns names on the statistics page mean?
  • Clicks: all visitors
  • Hosts: all unique visitors
  • Regs: all new sign-ups
  • CTR %: FTD/Regs*100% (where CTR = Click Through Rate/ FTD = First Time Depositors)
  • New Deps: all first time deposits
  • Players: the amount of active players (only users that played for real money)
  • Deposits $: the sum of deposits from all the players referred
  • Withdrawals $: the sum of withdrawals from all the players referred
  • Casino Promo (CP): bonus costs, cashback costs and any other promo costs
  • NetGaming (NG): your players bets minus their winnings
  • NetGaming Revenue (NGR): NG – CP – (Deposits, $ + Withdrawals, $)*Transaction % – NG*Providers % – NG*Admin %
  • Partner Income: NGR*Aff % (where Aff % = partner’s current RevShare %)
  • Providers %: software providers fee
  • Transaction %: billing providers fee
  • Admin %: administration fee
  • Aff %: partner’s current RevShare %
Do you provide S2S (server-to-server) integration?

This is yet another way to track your conversions. S2S integration is available for CPA plans.

Mini Tournaments Questions

How does the mini tournament work?

The 10 Affiliates with the highest percentage of growth during the month will receive exclusive bonuses from PlayAttack. Please note that CPA traffic is not being considered within this mini-tournament.

To determine the 10 tournament winners, PlayAttack compares the percentage of the increase in the FTD sum of the specific Affiliate to their average FTD sum for the last 150 days.

For example, from January 1st to May 30th, the FTD sum of the Affiliate amounts to $7.500. In this case, the average FTD sum per day is equal to $7.500 / $150 = $50. 

Every 15 minutes the system counts the sum of the FTDs for the period from January 1st to the current moment and estimates the increase of the FTD sum by the following formula: 

The sum of the FTD sums x 100% / average FTD sum x number of days and minus 100% for this fraction.

For example, an affiliate had an $105 FTD sum on January 1st. As of January 1st, the increase in FTD sum for this affiliate will be calculated as follows: ($105 x 100% / $50 x 1 (day)) – 100% = 110%. 

On January 2nd the affiliate made, for example, a 135 euros FTD sum. The increase of the FTD sum will be calculated as follows: ($105 + $135) x 100% / $50 x 2 (days) – 100% = 140%. 

The statistics of the FTD sums for each affiliate account is updated every 15 minutes.