LinkedIn: Your Ultimate Weapon In The Battle For Brand Awareness

Social networking platforms have infiltrated our lives in such a massive way that businesses have been heavily investing in their social media presence to achieve their marketing goals.

There are many stages every business goes through. But it all starts with the ultimate goal of creating brand awareness. And social media platforms are an essential piece of that puzzle.

Choosing the right platform to get your message across is crucial. At PlayAttack Affiliates, we have been using an array of social media platforms. LinkedIn, however, is definitely our top choice.

Let’s dig a bit deeper and assess why LinkedIn is the perfect platform to build brand awareness.

LinkedIn offers your brand the right environment and audience

Every action is driven by intent. Unlike other social media platforms, where people would rather scroll through cat memes, LinkedIn keeps people in a business mindset.

The very same user might be indifferent to your business-related post when they see it on their Instagram feed, but it’s more likely for them to engage with it on LinkedIn. According to the Business Insider Intelligence’s Digital Trust Report, LinkedIn is 3x more trusted to deliver valuable content than any other social media platform.

LinkedIn is a platform hosting professionals from all over the world. These decision-makers log onto their LinkedIn account to get inspired, grow their network, and promote their business. Everyone who matters to your brand is on LinkedIn. It’s the ultimate platform where your goals meet their goals.

Just writing out “Affiliate Manager” in the LinkedIn search yields around 435,000 results. By only performing a keyword search, you get free access to a vast database of people relevant to your business. Engaging in Google searches and website scrolling to locate relevant people can be never-ending. LinkedIn is there to save you some time.

Organic and advertising opportunities to raise brand awareness

Sharing content is one of the most powerful assets in increasing brand awareness and establishing your business as a thought leader. Let’s face it — it’s easier to generate demand if people know who you are.

LinkedIn gives you numerous organic opportunities to communicate your key messages. There’s the company page to showcase your brand identity and the LinkedIn updates to share your content and encourage engagement. Your employees can also post value-adding articles to further strengthen the trust in your brand. And if you’re into video like we are, you can post native videos — visuals are always appealing to the audience.

Sure, organic traffic is great. But why not use LinkedIn’s potential to the fullest? You can choose among the sponsored ads that deliver your content in the LinkedIn newsfeed, the text ads, or the programmatic display ads. Alternatively, you can resort to dynamic ads and sponsored InMail. Both options are automatically being tailored to each member of your target audience.

Remember — LinkedIn pages are crawled by search engines. This means that powering up your content, and your page’s SEO, can significantly increase your chances of being discovered.

Gain competitive insight and track your performance with LinkedIn Analytics

LinkedIn is great when it comes to performing a competitor’s analysis. You can easily access other company’s info and estimate which posts appear to be driving engagement, and which content falls short in doing so.

Every industry is different, and some marketing techniques that prove effective for one industry might not come in handy when it comes to your business. Evaluating the work of your competitors gives you an advantage — you can optimise your content based on your observations and be a step ahead of your competition.

And since all the marketers live and breathe data, you’re gonna love LinkedIn Analytics. With this tool, you can evaluate the reach and appeal of your updates, track your followers, and get a deep understanding of your audience’s demographics and interests.

Final Thoughts

It’s up to your business to use these opportunities in an efficient, cost-effective way. But with LinkedIn, you’ve got the tools.

Not only is the audience there, but you can also analyse your success with a great deal of accuracy. It’s a place for you to both get your name out there and demonstrate your expertise.

Keep these tips that we’ve talked about in mind and give it a try. You might find that LinkedIn is the channel you never knew you needed.

*This article was first published at Affiliate Insider.