Our Team



Jelena has been working in iGaming for almost 4 years and cannot imagine herself in any other industry. Working in iGaming gave her the privilege to meet driven, enthusiastic, and talented people. And there’s nothing that drives her more than working with people who inspire her.

  • Jelena describes herself as an extremely ambitious individual and is tirelessly rooting for positive attitude towards work and oh well… life in general.
  • For someone who loves traveling, it seems that she’s in the right position. For Jelena, Affiliate Conferences are not only a way to meet new partners, but to also discover new places. Well, at least someone is covering a longer distance than the typical trips from the booth to the bar (Y’all know what we’re talking about).
  • Jelena is in love. Constantly. With many people. I’m talking about her family and friends here, so don’t get too excited!
  • The girl loves politics. Maybe a bit too much. Jelena studied International Relations and International Law, so if you have strong political views and respect territorial waters, we suspect you’ll get along just fine.
  • We have (many) reasons to suspect that she’s THE Giphy Queen. Don’t even try to out-giphy her!

Alice has completed a degree in Media and Communications and has been working in the iGaming industry for the past four years. Her passion for marketing was the guiding force behind Alice’s involvement with affiliate marketing.

  • She was born and raised in Bavaria, a land with much more to offer than sausages and endless beer supply. Knee-length leather breeches, for example (:P).
  • Alice came to Malta when she was 16 and ended up staying on the island. With 12 years of island life under her belt, she’s one of Malta’s very own “dinosaurs.” 
  • Alice describes herself as a “visual perfectionist,” which probably explains her fascination with photography and cooking.
  • She accidentally discovered the perks of being a solo traveler when her friend failed to get a visa to Japan (well, technically, she ended up making more friends thanks to this misfortune, so no biggie).
  • Alice is a people’s person. “One for all, all for one,” says our very own female musketeer (d’Artagnan, you’ve got some serious competition here, man!)
  • You know how you waste your evenings scrolling through funny memes? Alice likes to take it one step further, spending hours researching… pharmaceutical medicine! To test her knowledge, she sometimes auto diagnoses herself in the doctor’s chair. And yet, Alice faints when she sees a needle.
  • Alice went sugar-free three months ago. While we fail to comprehend her motive, we accept it (cause more gummy bears for us. Makes sense?).


 I just immediately loved the brand and believed in it. What’s more powerful than believing in the product you’re trying to promote? — Maria Tsnompilantze, Head of Marketing

 PlayAttack is a company with big ambitions and great professionalism backing those up. I like to be a part of new, developing projects, makes me feel involved in growing a beautiful strong product from scratch.  — Jelena Oceretova, Head of Affiliates

The people. Everyone bursts creativity and knowledge. This energy is incredibly motivating and makes you want to achieve great things. And why not change the iGaming industry.   — Alice Suraeva, Affiliate Team Lead